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Complete Pool Maintenance Services and Equipment Installation

Reliable Pool Services is pleased to provide the Charleston, South Carolina, area with pool equipment installation and repair services. Our professionals are ready and able to install a pump or filter, including motor pumps and booster pump systems. We're also capable of installing lighting and heating systems, as well as pool automation for automatic chemical treatments and even salt-based chlorination systems.

Equipment Repair and Pool Plumbing

If any part of your pool's equipment is damaged, we can fix it. We can repair or replace a wide range of grids, filters, and pumps. Our professionals will take care of all your maintenance and pool plumbing. We don't build the pool, but we can clean and take of every part of it! We can repair, replace, and service all of the following and more:

 » Filters
 » Motor Pumps
 » Booster Pumps
 » Gaskets
 » O-Rings
 » Piping
 » Heaters
 » Pressure Meter
 » Plumbing
 » Lighting Systems
 » Resurfacing
 » Pool Automation
 » Salt-Based Chlorination Systems